First International Conference on Food and Environment

21-23 June 2011

The first international conference on Food and the Environment will focus on a variety of issues affecting food production and distribution including those related to natural and anthropogenic causes. The conference will emphasise the effects of modern food production processes and how they can affect human health.

The many advances made for over a century in food production have resulted in the possibility of feeding the whole of humanity. These advances have been achieved by the introduction of new work practices and a variety of substances into the food chain, the whole process being affected by other environmental conditions such as contamination of air, water and soil resulting from sources other than agriculture. On the other hand the food production and food processing can have detrimental effects on the environment. Some of the major challenges remain with extensive farming, which though offering higher productivity and larger volumes, should not either compromise the quality of the product or cause suffering in animals.

Conference Topics

Food processing issues
Contamination of food
Pharmaceuticals in food
Obesity-related issues
Pesticides and nutrients
Hormonal effects
Food and fecundity
Genetic engineering
Freezing and thawing
Heavy metals
Salination problems
Desertifi cation
Transportation problems
Threshold values
Modern farming
Changing climate
Laws and regulations
Epidemiological studies
Water resources problems
Animal welfare
Impact of food production on the environment

Tentative Submission Deadline : 1 December 2010




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